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If you are experiencing loses due to lack of surveillance. Then you will be pleased to know about the gDMSS plus application.

iDMSS Plus for PC

The gDMSS Plus application is an Android phone remote surveillance softwarewhich is meant to provide you with Video playback, Windows slide and many more. You will find this application very efficient in securing your business and keeping track of every movement.

However, the application has only been developed to work on Android and iDevices. What if you want to your PC? We have prepared this guide to help you install the gDMSS application into your PC without any sweat so you can start enjoying the beautiful features. Today we are going to deal with the two most popular operating systems.

That is the Windows OS and the Mac. To install the application, you have first to download a capable emulator that will enable the PC to interact with the software freely. In this case, we shall deal with BlueStacks. BlueStacks can be downloaded online from BlueStacks leading site. This is the best emulator since it free and very efficient in your quest. Step One: Download BlueStacks from this link: www. Click on the BlueStacks icon, if the application has not launched automatically.

Step Four: log into your Google Play account. When the emulator is working, search for the gDMSS plus application. And install it into your PC then start using it immediately. Given that Mac uses an entirely different operating system. You have to be keen when selecting BlueStacks.

idmss plus website

This action will help you install your emulator with no challengers. Step 3: Install the emulator into your PC and launch it. Open the emulator and log into your Google Play account. When you have logged into your Google Play account, you will have access to more applications which you can download freely. But in this case search for the gDMSS app. Once you have found the application install it and start using it immediately.Dahua uses functional cookies to ensure that its websites operate properly and analytical cookies to make your user experience optimal.

Third-party cookies may collect data outside our websites as well. By clicking on " Agree " or by continuing to use this website, you give consent for the setting of cookies and the processing of personal data involved. More information on our cookie statement. I want to End-to-End Solutions. Government Public safety and security is an important issue for a government at all levels. Transportation Dahua transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images.

Panoramic and thermal cameras also allow for more effective monitoring. Building facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiency demand. Retail The retail sector is undergoing fundamental changes in the face of rapid digitalization. The Dahua Smart Retail Solution provides security and loss prevention for retail shops while strengthening business operations with extensive video-aided business intelligence and analytics functionality.

At the same time, improving the customer experience and management efficiency has emerged as a major demand. Critical Infrastructure As a facility security manager, you need to be prepared for all risks including theft, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more, which could topple key infrastructures. New Products More.This app is not the best surveillance tool but it is one of them. It is an awesome smartphone tool, which shows us the CCTV Live footages just on our smartphone screen.

So smartphone apps can be helpful to monitor videos anywhere in the world. The only thing which is required, WiFi connection or Mobile data. If your cameras are advanced, this app will show you everything clear prominent which is present and moving infront of connected IP Cameras. Not suitable for professional and high-level usage.

This app is just helpful for CCTV camera users in small business setup and home. Keep eye on your home servants, baby, pets, and staff at the workplace.

Users can find many Android emulators on the internet. Droids PC team always try to bring the best. It is the most stable Android emulator ever developed.

Stable, fast and efficient working forces us to choose to this emulator. Guide to install BlueStacks on Windows is already Drafted at this site. Now you can get the latest version of Rooted BlueStacks Or, visit the official site to get the latest version.

Once you have downloaded BlueStacks, install it on PC. EXE file. Grant the required permissions and click on the Run option. The file size is pretty heavy, its above MBs so, it will take some minutes for installation. Once BlueStacks installed successfully, the next step is to configure it.

Select the Language if prompts. Enter your Google account Compulsory. In case, you are deprived of Google Account! Here, you will see a Google Play icon, click on it. Both apps are developed and designed by the same developers.

idmss plus website

Remember one thing, all of the additional functions of surveillance tools depends upon the camera model which you are using. Motion detection is an important feature of this app. At the off time, if anything passes infront of cameras, the sensors will notify you through the app on motion detection. Fortunately, iDMSS offers cloud storage to its users. Now users can keep the backup of recordings.

Hassan Mujtaba is an emerging blogger and quality content writer. He loves to share his gaming experience and always suggest the best apps in genres. Moreover, he is also a gadget lover, likes to make tutorials on smartphones and other devices. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Download Rooted BlueStacks.Surveillance software serves as the best source of securing a place. Because it allows users to monitor their belonging from a long distance only with the help of an internet connection.

Users can easily see the on-going activities done on their property on the GUI of their device. Its basic facility is to let users get a live feed on their phones without paying a penny. But to start having monitoring services, a user has to enter his account details so no third-party users can access all of his private videos from a live feed. Apart from that, the app works fine on even slow networks.

Users can use it while connected to 3G, 4G or WiFi. They can even use this app while connected to public WiFi. There is no hassle in performing any task inside the app. Likewise, connecting a camera with the app is as easy as it should be. To do so, a user has to first connect his device with the internet and open the app. Now, enter his passcode and userID. Search for them by name or just enter their IP address.

gDMSS Plus For PC – [Desktop & Laptop (Windows 10/8/7 & Mac)]

Afterward, start connecting the desired devices with the app. You know that surveillance videos are good when you get to access them on a big screen. Moreover, there are a number of app features which you may wanna consider accessing on your computer.

The reason behind this is an Android Emulator. Nox App Player. So in my opinion, if your surveillance system is supported by the app, you must try it on your PC.

Your email address will not be published.BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulation software for computers at the moment and it actually runs Android applications way faster than the average smartphone. So, first of all, we will need to have BlueStacks installed. Once we have BlueStacks installed and opened, we have to click on the Google Play Store, which is the main application used to download other applications.

The first thing we will see when we open the Google Play Store is a screen asking us to either enter our information to log in or create a new account with our given information. Either way, we are gonna need to be logged into a Google Play Store account so if you already have one account from any other of the Google services such as Gmail or Youtube you can use that one, and if not go ahead and create one right now.

Now that we are logged in, we should be seeing some of the most popular applications and a search bar on the top. We can see this application has more than 10 million downloads and it also has a very positive rating showing a 4.

Now, the download process speed entirely depends on your Internet speed and it could only take a few seconds or even more than a few minutes if your connection is really slow. We will also need a bit of storage space available for the application to save all the data and such.

To be more specific you should at least have 30 MB available in your computer since the application initially needs Finally, we get to the interesting part, now we see 3 different categories available: Camera, Door, and Alarm.

Now we can see 4 different boxes with a plus sign on the middle of them, these 4 boxes will be the areas dedicated to our cameras, up to 4 cameras at the same time.

We go do that and now we can see different types of devices based on the way they are connected to us, it can be a WiFi device, a wired device, a cloud device or an online search device. Once we have done this, we should be finally be seeing our camera in almost real-time!

Not only that but from the camera panel we have a variety of interesting features such as the possibility of recording audio if our camera supports audio recording and taking screenshots or making a video.

idmss plus website

Certainly, this application is one of the most interesting ones when it comes to the security of our homes and our lives. A professional app developer, tech author, and writer who talks about technology and innovation in the world of hardware and software.

idmss plus website

His expertise is in software, mobile apps, and games running and operating on operating systems like Windows and Mac. You can reach me on social media. More Posts - Website. Follow Me:. Related Posts. Ivcho Georgiev A professional app developer, tech author, and writer who talks about technology and innovation in the world of hardware and software.

More Posts - Website Follow Me:.It is a fantastic tool for smartphones that shows us live CCTV images directly on the smartphone screen. Therefore, smartphone applications can be useful for monitoring videos anywhere in the world. If your cameras are updated, this application shows you everything that is available and moves in front of the connected IP cameras. Not suitable for professional and exclusive use. This application is only useful for small businesses and home security camera users.

Keep an eye on your domestic workers, babies, pets and employees at work. Users can find many Android emulators on the Internet. It is the most stable Android emulator ever developed. Stable, fast and efficient workers force us to choose this emulator.

Instructions for installing BlueStacks on Windows are also available on this site. Now you can download the latest version of Rooted BlueStacks Or also visit the official website to download the latest version. After downloading BlueStacks, install it on the PC. Grant the necessary permissions and click on the Run option. The file size is quite large and exceeds MB. Therefore, the installation takes a few minutes. Select the language when prompted. Enter your Google account mandatory.

After completing the procedures, you will be directed to the home screen of the emulator. Here you see a Google Play Store icon, click on it.

Dahua P2P Setup Tutorial for Smartphone & Tablet

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Written by Willy Wonka. You may also like.

iDMSS Lite & Plus for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac – Free Download

View all posts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.There are always challenges when it comes to keeping your home safe, especially when you are outside or even far away from home.

All you need is to make the app work and customize it properly, then you are good to go. That helps a lot and it eliminates issues while also pushing you towards the best results all the time. At its core, this is a security application designed to help you handle remote surveillance services.

If you have a security camera at your home you can pair it with the gDMSS Plus app via the internet and you are good to go. This comes in handy and the best part is that you can be literally anywhere on your laptop monitoring your home. And you can even have a push alarm that will keep people away from the property. It really helps a lot.

It just makes things a whole lot better and it eliminates problems no matter the situation. You do want to take your time with these things and if you do it wisely, then nothing can stand in your way.

The commitment is key here, as a solution like this one is really hard to customize and put together the way you want. The great thing about having this app on PC is that you can keep it open and constantly monitor the surveillance camera without a problem. Doing that on your phone is not always the best option.

So it makes a lot of sense to understand what leads to any issues and then just go from there. Once you have the APK you just double click on it. Install it and then open it up inside the Bluestacks app. Being able to monitor your home security camera remotely gives peace of mind. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Locate Play Store in the BlueStacks home screen and then launch it.

To Conclude… Being able to monitor your home security camera remotely gives peace of mind. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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